Wood tiles are one of the main trends for indoor and outdoor floors, attracting the beauty of natural wood and combining with the durability of porcelain tiles, so you can bring any room to a bar. calendar of hardwood.

The perfection and high quality of the wooden tiles ensure true perfection, and at first glance it is almost impossible to realize that it is tiled and not an authentic high quality wooden floor.

Finding Wooden Bricks that suits your interests in our WOODEN collection, we offer a wide range of quality wooden bricks.

The wood effect brick ideas are appreciated at APODIO

APODIO offers a wide selection of wood effect flooring, just choose the one that best suits your preferences and ideas; Our consultants can give you the best advice possible, helping you choose the best one that suits your needs.

Baita: inspired by the traditional Stube, the rooms are entirely covered with wood, featuring mountain houses designed around the stove, where families gather and most of the family life. takes place there. Models are created by combining different shades of wood, changing colors throughout its lifecycle, creating a classic atmosphere for the home.

Chevron: As a legacy of the great Renaissance glory, the Chevron collection is reminiscent of old wooden floors, with wooden sticks arranged in an elegant pattern, known as Hungarian herringbone and chevron. An extraordinary technique also often used in the halls of Versailles adds credibility to any room in which it becomes a work of art in its own right. Therefore, it is more suited to the more elegant areas: around the house, public and commercial areas, and other delicate areas that are open to the public, such as museums, galleries, and fashion boutiques.

Deck: The Central European atmosphere provides inspiration for the Deck, a type of oak with bright properties. The choice of color ranges and the definition of a slightly coarse surface texture will give long strips a natural, linear appearance. The wood has seven mostly warm colors, mirrored by graphics that become more pronounced as the color is darker, thus providing different levels of gloss between the panels for more or less the effect.

Larix: inspired by pine trees, a wood widely used in mountain buildings: this is exactly the landscape landscape that inspires the color range, derived from the degree of exposure to the human atmosphere. Therefore, tints suggest that newly cut natural wood, used in the interior is shielded from the elements, or the wood is used for exterior constructions, in the shade where exposed. Direct sunlight or darker gray when kept in shade.

Mansion: evokes the prestige of ancient houses, exudes heritage and tradition: hand-made wood, reclaimed floors, the charm of the marks left by time, creates a collection refresh the original wooden floor panels, used to create sophisticated, modern floor layouts that enhance the feeling of continuity and spaciousness.

Trail: Oak has historically been used to build furniture, shutters and floors, naval constructions and perennial wine barrels, and is updated in the Trail: collection with Straight fibers and a few knots, this wood is known for its strength and durability that can be used in a wide range of models, giving it a warm, natural feel in both residential and public settings.

Wood²: Wood²’s structure is taken from reclaimed wood, worn over time and changed by the presence and work of humans, where different finishes overlap with signs of wear and contamination from Other materials create an interior with a very current feel: in a unique square size, this collection interprets a subtle yet intimate and welcoming mood.

Kasai: (Fire recovery, inspired by Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi, a Japanese wood-making technique (usually cedar wood) by burning it, for the purpose of protecting and preserving materials. The episode reflects the visual and tactile characteristics of burnt wood on porcelain stoneware, honoring the fusion of Eastern culture and ceramic innovation.

Faber: redefining precious oak on porcelain stoneware: the slats, installed in herringbone or lined up, create a soft and warm atmosphere, suitable for both residential and home settings. Contract applications.

Epoque: Epoque Collection: is divided into two groups: Beton, classic cement bricks and Bois, recreating the old wood effect with a slight classic appeal. The combination of two brick families creates Inof coffer, creating a product capable of bringing a dynamic atmosphere and urban mood to every environment.

Giant: inspired by the grandeur of ancient chestnut trees, reproducing their natural and soft streaks. Greatness is also evoked in the new 30 × 240 format, in addition to the 25 × 150 format

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