APODIO, a brand inspired from a God from Olympia Mount in Greek mythology called APOLLO – God of sun, light, music and prophecies.

APODIO is the youthfulness, the creativity combined with application of the most advanced production technologies and the designs that catch up with the market trends giving architects and consumers the perfect support which helps them satisfy their creation of natural architechtural spaces and actualization of these ideas in the most vivid way.

With more than 42 years experience in producing high class ceramic tiles, in 2018 APODIO continued to invest in installing a Granite line production line with a capacity of 3 million m2/year, total investment value is over VND 330 billion due to 4.0 technology. This is a production line using the most modern Italian machines and technologies  that can meet most demands and customers’ tastes with diverse designs such as wooden grain, stone or marble  close to nature, similar to products having the natural origin with variety and sizes such as : 60×60, 80×80, 60×120, 15×80, 20×120….

After 6 months of investment, the last days of April 2019, teams of designers and specialists coming from leading Italian technology brands were presence at APODIO factory to carry out the final tests of designs, colors with particle effect technology in order to ensure that the finished products will achieve the perfection in every detail and in addition, textures and vivid colors closest to nature.

From the lines, roughness to the depth of colors, textures, gloss of the finished products … all have to be equal or higher compared to prevailing products in the European market.

At APODIO, all polished tiles are coating by high-class Diamond polished Glaze which makes the tile surfaces become thicker, be protected better and especially create natural, vivid colors with high clarity and purity.

Thanks to using high-class materials, tile surfaces without having pores are in capable of water proof, abrasion resistant, resistant to any chemicals and pigments, detergents, anti – fire, anti – thermal shock and absolute safety for users.

Not only that, the entire technology process, Engineering and Quality Control is now undertaken, controlled by a team of technical experts from India with 23 – 25 years of experience and working for RAK, DECOVITA, IRIS…. Therefore, the products using Italian technology of European standards which have been launched by APODIO today have received very positive feedback from the customers including the most demanding customers.

APODIO always focuses on in-depth investment, constantly implementing the measures to improve quality, control the finished product costs, ungrade the management processes and determine to produce the products meeting the European standards. 

In October 2019, APODIO products certified ISO 13006 standard, EN14411 and CE Marking…. In addition, APODIO does not forget its obligations to the environment, workers and society, determine to complete application ISO 14001:2015 system in 2019 and proceed to carry out OHSAS 18001:2015 in 2020.

With tile products which have been invested heavily from designs to production technology, APODIO will bring more friendly environment to nature, ensure a safer environment, provide a more comfortable life for human.

APODIO products in future will not only conquer the domestic consumers but also target to America, English, Australia and many other Western European markets.