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During these winter months, any interior designer's main challenge is to create a warm and cozy atmosphere so time seems immobile in them. A strong reason why earth, beige and brown colors, as well as textures based on stone or wood, get special attention.
As aesthetic trends set, APODIO collections with new ideas rooted in the beauty of nature have been brought into the walls, in a perfect exclusive choice. Space focuses on the sketching of a peaceful and peaceful life.
The warmth of natural wood
In search of constant warmth, natural wood is one of the favorite materials for any indoor space. The authenticity and dynamism among the elements are two of the characteristics that APODIO's WOODEN LIFE collection brings. Its four colors: Black Amber, Clear, Gray Payne and Neutral are characterized by their shape and alignment. With a wooden appearance, but with the characteristics of ceramics, APODIO wood tiles include the characteristic warmth of natural materials and absolute moisture resistance. APODIO - bring pure nature to your home.
The lightness of the rock
Stone is one of the other favorite materials for contemporary interior design. Its durable structure becomes lighter when paired with white, neutral and warm colors. This is what happens with the Beige Marfil color from the Marble line at the same time, integrated into the Stone.
Marble makes the backlight possible through cream brush strokes and marble vein. A sculpting link for the house.
Natural stone mosaics have established a new order of elements through their perspective and ability. A clear example of this is the Model collection of STRUCTURED NATURAL STONE. Geometric decorations for a new architectural order.
As a wall cladding, APODIO's Cement product line provides timeless alertness with its Concrete collection. Its five color options: Beige, Dark, Taupe, Gray and Corten; expand the capabilities of each region.
Modern bathroom
The latest technology from APODIO can also be found in the bathroom. Underfloor heating generates heat with a local high-temperature generator that has a tough time test.
A sensory experience is also described by APODIO in the nature collection. An array of Nordic style furniture that combines ceramic and wood in the same structure.
APODIO - A design without limits.