The true beauty of wood makes a trend of porcelain tiles emerge, from its prominent knots to the development of authentic wood grain on porcelain tiles. Each piece of wood has its own characteristics, and each elegant wooden tile floor has its own unique personality.

The WOODEN LIFE wood grain ceramic collection brings life and love to the living space by honoring these features and recreating the warmth and wonder inherent from natural wood. Durable, environmentally friendly and virtually maintenance-free, our wood tiles are perfect for underfloor heating, where there is high traffic and wet areas. And with the many variations, grades, and finishes available, from the rich crust of dark wood, to the whitewashed colors of Scandinavian-inspired wood, porcelain tiles have never looked stronger than that. .

Even the hardest woods are concave and scratched over time. Porcelain is very durable and does not wear out. The fact that it never wears off means that it stays the same throughout its life. Wood bricks are perfect for areas with high travel densities that can withstand anything from parked cars to high heels.

Water proof

Porcelain is waterproof, making wood tiles the perfect material for outdoor spaces, pools, bathrooms or kitchens. It will never warp, become dirty or crack like real wood.

Underfloor heating system

Not all wood is suitable for underfloor heating. Porcelain structure is not affected by temperature changes and it keeps radiant heat longer than most materials

Maintenance free

Due to its molecular structure, water, bacteria and other materials cannot penetrate the surface. Porcelain repels all types of stains and grime making it one of the easiest materials to clean and maintain. It’s perfect for areas where hygiene is absolutely important

Inside and outside

Because porcelain tiles are resistant to frost and have more non-slip surfaces, there is no better material for outdoor use than porcelain. Wooden floor needs dyeing and maintenance every few years to maintain its beauty. The beauty of porcelain will never fade and after years of rain and shine will be as beautiful as the day you installed it.

Many formats

When you use boards of real wood size, you have to use very old wood, which is very expensive and not environmentally friendly. With porcelain you can choose the wood and size without paying any extra cost to you or the environment.

Unlimited design

Finding the right kind of natural wood can be a difficult process if you are looking for a perfect match in the texture. With the latest inkjet technologies, we are able to create wood-effect panels indistinguishable from real wood that has a much wider range of colors and textures than you see in natural wood.

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